Volvo Delta Link Tool – For Loan


See this for details. Sorry! Borrow Big Blue instead.

Ignore everything below this sentence. I don’t have any of these to send to you.

Delta Link tool

Volvo part #: 9995497

For loan: Delta link bushing tool — this original topic has several DIY examples in it, like V70 Rear Suspension Delta Link Replacement by MVS Forums member martinuk.

A Warning and Alternative

If you borrow this tool you must be careful with it. The threads strip if you give them enough force. This is a specialized tool built to Volvo’s spec, but it’s not unbreakable. It’s not military grade. If you have it and think you’re going to break it, stop, and post in the forum for help.

Ok, kinda scary huh? Well MVS offers a far stronger tool that does the same job. It’s a heavy, ugly brute, but it will survive forces at least double what this delicate OEM tool will, and probably 10x if my physics serves me (hydraulic action vs. mechanical action). It’s the same cost to borrow and ship, and its’ called the Indestructible Big Blue Delta Link Tool. MVS Moderator JDS60R fabricated it after hearing about the failing OEM tool, and has since made some improvements to it.

How do you know if your Delta links are stuck enough to warrant ordering Big Blue vs. the OEM tool? That’s the “$64,000 Question”. Also, I’d be willing to bet that failure rates would go way down if the user started coating the Delta link in penetrating oil many times, a full week before even putting the tool to the link.

How to Not Break this Tool

 as400jockey in this delta link topic »

My two cents word to the wise…

The rear links on my 98 S70 were beyond shot. I bought the genuine Volvo tool (got a deal – $95 brand new). I nearly destroyed it.

I mistakenly thought that the stub on the bottom of the C clamp end went into the lower bolt hole, and that the bolt on the top of the c clamp went into the top bolt hole. I nearly stripped the tool. Fortunately after an hour’s frustration I actually flopped on my back and saw that there’s A SECOND HOLD ON THE BOTTOM. Only the bottom hole is used for leverage.


Fat lot of good that bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering did me. :mrgreen:

It makes a LOT more sense now.

After drilling out a bunch of the rubber and attaching the tool CORRECTLY, I was able to remove the link. Installation went fairly well – greased up the plastic and the hole and it went in with little complaint.

Why Does the OEM Tool Fail?

Why does the OEM tool fail? My guess is it was designed at the introduction of the P80 Volvos, and of course at that time nobody knew that these Delta links would rust/harden to the underside of the car. Twenty+ years later, it’s pretty easy to see the tool designer probably should have added more reserve strength to the shaft threads and housing.

But let’s put it in perspective: the failure rate is in the single digits (2 times out of dozens of uses). That means it has a success rate of over 90%.

Delta Link Loaner Cost

  • $150 deposit – forfeit if it breaks or doesn’t get back to me. This is refunded 100% when I get it back.
  • $15 shipping to you – not refunded. Please note you need to cover the cost of shipping it back to me, or for shipping on to the next loanee. I’ve settled on USPS flat rate box after trying a couple other USPS methods, and I believe it’s the $12.35 medium flat rate box.* I’ll update this when I remember to actually pay attention next time.
  • $10 “entropy fee” – one day it will break, so this goes toward buying another in a year or two – not refunded.
  • Total PayPal deposit required: $175.

So How Do You Borrow Something?

Get in line early! Most months the tool sits unused. But sometimes I’ll get three requests for it while it’s out. Summers are typically more busy. If you need it a month from now, send me an email now. I wouldn’t consider a month lead time too long. Just an FYI.

I’ve been doing this for almost a year over two years, and the Delta Link tool has been loaned 30+ times. Two times the borrower broke the tool, and he opted to replace it with a used tool that was more or less the same condition.

Some MVS members have contacted me and after much math, opted to buy and keep their own Delta Link tool. But for most it makes sense to borrow it, use it, and return it. I don’t care which you decide to do.

I don’t make money from this, it’s just a service to help Volvo owners. If you have an idea for another loaner tool, please contact me. I’d be happy to do this for other tools.

Cover Yourself

My suggestion is to snap a photo of it when it gets to you and snap another photo right before you put it in the box on its way back to me. And to be extra careful, one of the box addressed to me.

Please don’t keep it for more than a week, not including shipping.

Ok Ok, Just Send Me the Tool

If you break the tool, you can choose to replace it with a new or used one of the same exact type, or forfeit your deposit. You agree to these terms when you agree to have the tool sent to you.

Ready? Contact me, Matt, and I’ll give you my PayPal account name, which is my email address. PayPal me the total depending on the tool, and send me your US address. Sorry, no international shipping. I will get it in the mail probably within 24 hours, always within 48 hours.

* I know this isn’t $15, so if you want I will refund you ($15-actual shipping cost). If not, the extra two dollars and change goes to the “entropy” bucket.