Volvo Transmissions Guide

Volvo transmissions vary by model and year, so here’s a guide to help identify which transmission your Volvo has.

Volvo Automatic Transmissions 1980s – 2000s

ModelYearEngine SizeTrans TypeTransmission Model
2401985-1992  AW70
2401992-93Inline 4 2.3L4 Spd RWDA42DL (03-70L)
2601980-1982  BW55
7401985-1994  AW70L
7401990-1994  AW72L
7401990-92Inline 4 2.3L4 Spd RWDA42DL (03-70L)
7401990-92Inline 4 2.3L (W/Turbo)4 Spd RWDA43DL (03-71)
7401990-92Inline 4 2.3L4 Spd RWDA44DL (03-72L)
8501993-97Inline 5 2.3L 2.4L4 Spd FWD50-40 (AW50-40)
9401991-1994  AW71L
9401992-95Inline 4 2.3L (W/Turbo)4 Spd RWDA43DL (03-71)
9601992-97Inline 6 2.9L4 Spd RWDA341E (30-40LE)
120, 140, 160, 240, 18001964-1975  BW35
240, 2601974-1983  BW55
740 Diesel8/1984-1988  ZF4HP22
740 Turbo1985-1994  AW71,L
740, 760, 7801986-1988  ZF4HP22
740, 7801984-1991  AW70
760 Turbo DieselE1983-1984  BW55
760, 7801985-1990  AW71
C701998-00Inline 5 2.3L 2.4L4 Spd FWDAW50-42LE
C702001-04Inline 5 2.3L 2.4L5 Spd FWDAW55-50SN
Cross Country2002Inline 5 2.4L5 Spd AWDAW55-50
S402000Inline 4 1.9L4 Spd FWDAW50-42LE
S402001-04Inline 4 1.9L5 Spd FWDAW55-50SN
S402005-06Inline 5, 2.5L5 Spd AWDAW55-50
S402005-06Inline 5 2.4L 2.5L5 Spd FWDAW55-51
S602001Inline 5 2.3L 2.4L5 Spd FWDAW55-50SN
S602003-06Inline 5 2.5L5 Spd AWDAW55-50
S602003-06Inline 5 2.4L 2.5L5 Spd FWDAW55-50SN
S60 R2006Inline 5 2.5L6 Spd AWDTBD
S702000Inline 5 2.4L5 Spd AWDAW55-50
S702000Inline 5 2.4L5 Spd FWDAW55-50SN
S701998-00Inline 5 2.3L 2.4L4 Spd FWDAW50-42LE
S801999-04Inline 5 2.4L 2.5L4 Spd FWDAW50-42LE
S802004-06Inline 5 2.5L5 Spd AWDAW55-50
S802004-06Inline 5 2.5L5 Spd FWDAW55-50SN
S901997-98Inline 6 2.9L4 Spd RWDA341E (30-40LE)
V402000Inline 4 1.9L4 Spd FWDAW50-42LE
V402001-04Inline 4 1.9L5 Spd FWDAW55-50SN
V502005-06Inline 5 2.5L5 Spd AWDAW55-50
V502005-06Inline 5 2.4L 2.5L5 Spd FWDAW55-50SN
V701998-00Inline 5 2.3L 2.4L4 Spd FWDAW50-42LE
V701998-00Inline 5 2.3L 2.4L 2.5L4 Spd AWDAW50-42LE
V702000-05Inline 5 2.3L 2.4L 2.5L5 Spd AWDAW55-50
V70 R2000Inline 5 2.4L5 Spd FWDAW55-50SN
V702000-06Inline 5 2.3L 2.4L 2.5L5 Spd FWDAW55-50SN
V70 R2004Inline 5 2.5L5 Spd AWDAW55-50
V70 R2005-2007Inline 5 2.5L6 Spd AWDTF-80SC
V901997-98Inline 6 2.9L4 Spd RWDA341E (30-40LE)
XC702003-06Inline 5 2.5L5 Spd AWDAW55-50
XC902006V8 4.4L6 Spd AWDAWTF80SC
XC902003-05Inline 6 2.9L4 Spd AWDA341E (30-40LE)
XC902003-06Inline 5 2.5L5 Spd AWDAW55-50
XC902003-06Inline 5 2.5L5 Spd FWDAW55-50SN
Volvo transmission AW55-50


Can anyone give me help in converting an 8 speed Volvo F7 to automatic transmission.

My 2nd and 6th is bad and don’t want to spend $4k repairing; would rather do a conversion.

This is a Fire Truck and still in Servcie.


What about a 2007 XC70? This chart only goes to 2006. I’m especially interested in the transfer case connection. It seems there’s some possible incompatibility with 2006 model.

I have a 2006 volvo s60 2.5lt 55-50SN. Automatic transmission. I M looking for a gearbox. Can someone help me???

Your assistance will be highly appreciated.

I have a 2001 V70XC that recently had the valve body rebuilt and a cooler added to the transmission to help prolong the life. But then it sat for several months with a dead battery and now the car shifts up and down way to fast. It isn’t throwing any codes for the transmission right now. The shop just applied the adaptations and suggested taking it to a volvo dealer for a “flash”. I am leary of doing this because it’s almost 200.00. I realize this is much, much cheaper then a new tranny. So I am looking for some helpful advice. Unsure I’m getting the best answers yet.

That looks a lot like the GM Power glide transmission.
Does GM. still make auto transmission for Volvo. I have a 1999 S80 2.9 around 135k milage, never had a problem except for the SRS URGENT message that no one can find why it always comes back,but that’s another story.
Over the past few months i have been replacing everything that can wear down suspension bushings brakes shocks struts lots of engine parts I’m in my shop now finishing up with new timing belt,serpentine and all parts that the belts run or use.well this isn’t getting the water pump off,I happened to be building a THING 400 for a custom rod I’m building and the caught my eye. BTW. you guy’s are awesome, with Volvo anyways. I bought a 2005 s40t5 awd…always wanted a Volvo but,lots of dealer only problems.First moving the automatic to the right engaging W,I FIND NO ABILITY TO MANUALLY SHIFT AS I SHOULD,VEHICLE DRIVES WELL,BUT THIS FUNCTION IS NOT WORKING.PLEASE TELL ME ITS A FAULTY SWITCH AND NOT A BAD TRANSMISSION.ALSO RECENTLY LEARNED I HAVE TO REMOVE GAS PEDAL TO CHANGE CABIN AIR FILTER WTF!and while Im here,am/fm radio reception is nonexistant to screwy.Any ifo would be appreciated.The first and last time I went to Volvo dealer it cost me 140$ to tell me I DIDNT NEED SOFTWARE UPDATE!

I have 2004 s60r the all wheel drive isn’t in gaging took it to a Trans shop they said it showed code 76 low voltage in the tcm but not sure on the fix
Any help would be greatlyappreciated

I have a 1991Volvo 740 gl, when I drive for about half an hour or more and stop for any reason the car is a little slower in moving off and the gears take much longer to change. Next problem if or when I stop and change to park or peverse, when I return to drive the vehicle would not move for a few seconds, the hotter the vehicle the longer the delay, most times I have to keep one foot on the brakes and the other gas pedal to speed up the movement the reverse is perfect no problem can someone give me a heads up on what the problem and best solution is. Thanks!!!

At the first sign of any trouble whatsoever in the transmissions in 01 and up, dump the car as fast as you can, they are junk and Volvo knew it to begin with. No software upgrade is going to be helpful at all, get out while you can, trade it, burn it, whatever you choose.

Got a volvo 850, I have to use it in 3rd position because if I use it in D the trans arrow flashes when it goes to 4th gear. Th obd II shows code 322 (wrong gear ratio) what does it means exactly? Thanks

my 1997 V90, is stuck in Park. Brake light comes on, so not a blown fuse in the circuit. Button on gear select lever won’t budge. Car is parked on an incline, but has lived at this location for years. Several times during last months, all power accessories won’t work on initial start up, so turn off then turn on and symptoms go away. Today, it’s the gear select

I totalled my 1999 Volvo S80 and I want to use the motor in a RWD project; what transmission would bolt up to the motor? (5 or 6 speed manual)

@ FlygmashV70 yes there is on the versions made from 2001-03 there is a software update available free from the dealer. These cars are known at a ticking time bomb where the trans is concerned.

I was wondering if anyone would be able to cross reference these trans for those of us who want to for example, put a 6 speed in out 850’s and didn’t know the S60R trans will bolt right on.

I have a 99 S70 T5 the transmission will not shift into 4th gear the solinold is clicking but the transmission is not shifting, it has been flushed but did not help
Any thoughts or solutions?

To Nick Muresa,
Have you tried holding your foot on the brakes? If so check your brake light switch, this also knocks out cruise control if faulty.

I have a 2002 S 60 Volvo 2.5 The automatic stick shift is locked in Parking position.I checked the fuse 10 A is still good, I moved the searing wheel, still nothing. Please help me in solving this PROBLEM.
Thanks A LOT.

my s70 is 1998 turbu 2000cc i haven’t changed the tranmission oil for long time then i got the fault light and the shift arrow was emmeting..i checked with volvo garage i got the massage…lock up funtion..and they erased the lights..then the same fault came back.. i changed the tranmission oil and the arrow light went off..after 100km the 2 light came back and arrow light went off after one i have to change the transmission oil again as i put 4.5 liters only

I was wondering about the issue the jerk in the transmission. When putting in drive and reverse, there is a sharp jerk and a loud noise,,, there is also a slight delay.. Any advice on this issue

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