How to Post a Photo

Ready to Post a Photo?

Get Out of Quick Reply Mode! That’s the first step.

Then you’ve got a choice, drag and drop or click the button.

Drag and drop method

How To Post A Photo2 -

Click the button method

How To Post A Photo 1 -

Regular vs. “Quick Reply” Modes

If you see Smileys and Emojis, congrats! You’re in Regular mode and you can upload photos or other attachments in one of the two ways illustrated above. You can stop reading and upload.

If you don’t see Smileys and Emojis, you’re in Quick Reply mode and need to click the Full Editor and Preview button.

When you are replying to a post in a topic, you might be in “Quick Reply” mode. If you’re creating a new topic, you don’t need to worry about this… you’re in regular mode.


If you get frustrated with it for whatever reason, just email the photos to me.

Feel free to email me photos one at a time, in a .zip file, or whatever you do. I’m good with computers, so don’t worry about the details, I’ll figure it out.

Why Not Photobucket, etc.?

As for photo hosting services, Photobucket and Imageshack are worth what you pay for them. For most people, this is exactly $0. If you have a paid account, that’s different. Honestly, the best thing, the most reliable way to have the photos stay on the Web, is to use MVS Volvo Forum’s built in uploading tool.

Photo hosting companies come and go, but MVS has been on the Web for well over a decade now, and since I make my living doing this, it’s likely to be here in 10 or 20 years also.

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