Volvo Delta Link Tool – Big Blue Loaner


It might be temporary, it might be permanent. As of March 2018 I don’t know. Please contact me for more.

Big Blue Loaner

This is the Alternative!

There is now another Delta Link tool option: “Big Blue”. Here is my post with instructions and photos of Big Blue. Our wizard-like MVS Forums Moderator JDS60R built the thing after envisioning a world without unnecessary OEM (Volvo part #: 9995497) failure.

Over the years this has a roughly 7% failure rate, and frankly it sucks on both my end and the borrower’s end when this happens. Thus the need for Big Blue was born, and JD created it.

Big Blue Loaner Cost

It’s the same as the OEM Delta link tool.

  • $150 deposit – forfeit if it breaks or doesn’t get back to me. This is refunded 100% when I get it back.
  • $15 shipping to you – not refunded. Please note you need to cover the cost of shipping it back to me, or for shipping on to the next loanee. I’ve settled on USPS flat rate box after trying a couple other USPS methods, and it’s the $13.45 medium flat rate box.
  • $10 “entropy fee” – one day it will break, so this goes toward buying another in a year or two – not refunded.
  • Total PayPal deposit required: $175.

Deposit Specifics

If it doesn’t come back, you forfeit your deposit. If it comes back damaged (hard to imagine but anything is possible so I have to add this), you forfeit some of your deposit depending on the damage. Same with if it comes back incomplete.

How to Mail it

Priority Mail Flat Rate Box. That’s how. It fits, but the USPS boxes are not nearly strong enough to hold the weight of Big Blue. You must tape the living daylights out of the box after the tool is packed into it. Must. Please tape the box on all 3 axes. Feel free to devise new, better ways to ship it (padding, etc.).

Packing is very important! You must pack it well. That means using LOTS of tape.

Recently USPS offices around here have a “floater” employee with a handheld credit card machine who take packed, ready-to-ship Flat Rate boxes if you’re paying with a credit card. The last two times I’ve sent it I spent 0 minutes in line.

Cover Yourself

Please snap a photo of it when it gets to you and snap another photo right before you put it in the box on its way back to me. And to be extra careful, one of the box addressed to me.

Please don’t keep it for more than a week, not including shipping.

How To Proceed

  1. Contact me, Matt using the form below, and find out if the tool is available
  2. Include your continental US shipping address in your message
  3. I’ll email you back
  4. If the tool is available, PayPal me $175 — my PayPal account is [email protected]
  5. I will get it in the mail probably within 1 business day, always within 2 business days


  1. You agree you will forfeit $150 deposit if the tool is not returned
  2. You agree you will forfeit $150 deposit if the tool is returned incomplete or damaged
  3. You agree you will forfeit $150 deposit if the tool is poorly packaged and breaks out of the box
  4. You agree you will photograph the box when you receive it
  5. You agree you will photograph the contents before you send it back
  6. You agree you will photograph the box before you send it back
  7. You agree you will tape the hell out of the box before you send it back