AC Parts & Components in Volvos


Here are the major AC Parts & Components in Volvos. Here are photos and descriptions from the eEuroparts catalog. All these are covered in detail on eEuro’s outstanding AC components page. Moving off the clutch gap and recharging low refrigerant procedures, which themselves are absolutely viable “low-hanging fruit” AC possible fixes for your Volvo air conditioning problems, […]

AC Overcharged, Undercharged? Forget It, Jake. It’s the Gap.

Why Does Ac Blow Warm -

I don’t want to make another blows cold then blows warm* post, because there are several of those already, but I do want to highlight Volvo DIY wizard Jimmy57’s explanation on this AC clutch gap problem, because it’s perfect. * undercharged, overcharged, or just right — doesn’t matter Let’s start with the question: ThreeBear, new […]

AC Mildew Smell – How to Eliminate It

oragex posts a video detailing how to get rid of AC mildew smell in Volvos. This particular Volvo in the video is a P2 Volvo, but the concept applies to all models. MVS member aewoodhouse: Cranked up the A/C for the first time on my recently purchased V70XC and, although it works well, the smell […]

Catching Up with MVS

What’s going on around here? Lots! We’re busy around here, helping Volvo owners and getting help. Here’s the latest. Moderator Drive is Complete — $911.50 raised for the MVS Moderators  in the Spring 2017 moderator donation drive. Thanks to all donors! Donors: if your account didn’t get upgraded to MVS Contributor level, contact me and I’ll […]

2006 XC70 AC Problem – Leak in Condensor

MVS Contributor IdahoBob has an AC problem with his XC70. He tried charging it, no luck. His XC70 developed a small leak in the AC condensor. IdahoBob: My ’06 XC70 developed a small leak in the AC condensor. I installed a new, aftermarket (Chinese) condensor, and then took the car to the local Volvo guy. He charged […]

Volvo 850 How-To Bypass AC Thermal Switch

Phil: “Since it’s that time of season and I had problems with my A/C thermal causing me problems I thought I would do a ‘how-to’ on bypassing it. I couldn’t find anything with pictures so here you go…” First pic is of the A/C thermal (after I’ve cut the wires on both ends) but it […]

AC Shim Fix: Are Zip Ties the New Bread Clips?

Outstanding AC Bread Clip Fix photos by erikv11 and BlackThunder. Outstanding recent AC Bread Clip Fix followup by osmium, vvvolvo, jreed, [email protected], grushton, rspi, oragex, and of course MVS Forums moderator abscate. Good pictures of various options for shimming the AC clutch including bread clips, zip ties, zip-ties, zipties… are zip ties the new bread […]

How COLD is your AC? What’s Your Temp Drop?

Good thread on procedure to measure AC charge on P80 cars from expert jimmy57… MVS forum user cn90’s opening question: Since I bought the car new (1998 V70) in 1998, our family has noticed that the AC is “cool”, not ice cold. AC Clutch checked/shimmed and gap is 0.30mm. Compressor runs well, zero issues. Low […]

Volvo 240 AC Fix

MVS Forums member edelmatt asks how to approach getting his 240 DL’s air conditioning to function again… including if it isn’t easier to switch over to the more modern R134a AC system. From his post in the Volvo 240 forum: