Clean iPod-Volvo Radio Integration

I found an old thread about patching in to piggyback on the tape signal lines of an 850’s head unit. I believe it was an HU-813. Instead of using a cassette adaptor (which degrades the audio signal) and instead of tapping into the CD-Changer inputs (which costs over $100), the idea was to solder a […]

HU-615 to aftermarket Head Unit: Volvo V40

To pair an aftermarket head unit with the premiere sound system found in my 2003 Volvo V40 I used the following parts: *Autoleads PC9-414 Wiring Harness Adapter, $34 ( [+/- $50 w/ shipping from UK] *Metra 70-9221 Radio Wiring Harness for Volvo 99-06, $13 (amazon) *Metra 40-VL10 Volvo Antenna Adapter, $5 (amazon) *Volvo Genuine Part […]