20 Years of Polestar’s History with Volvo

Volvo S60 Gen2 Stcc -

A look back at Polestar’s 20 year history With Polestar announcing their very first production vehicle – an incredible 600HP hybrid coupe – in 2017, we got to wondering. How did this once-time Volvo racing team end up as a high performance manufacturer under their own brand? Is there Polestar history? Oh yes, there is […]

The Coolest Volvos We Never Got in North America

Over the years, Volvo has proven to be a popular automaker among Americans. The Swedish company’s unique Scandinavian designs, reputation for reliability, and legendary safety have combined to ensure a rich history in the United States. We’ve been lucky enough to have been a sales priority for Volvo, and have had the option of purchases […]