S70 DIY Boost Gauge Install Complete Guide

Check out this DIY Boost Gauge Install MVS Volvo Forums Contributor mecheng crushes the ball out of the park with a guide on installing a boost gauge in an S70. This will be identical to V70 and XC70 Volvos, 1998-2000 model years, and very close to 850s. Here’s my 850 headliner boost gauge install. Remember, […]

Boost Gauge Mounted in Headliner DIY

The end result is a nice-looking, nice-functioning boost gauge that dims with the rest of my 1997 850’s instrument gauges. Because it’s mounted up high it’s unobtrusive, and far less likely to be seen by street racers, cops or thieves. It’s there when I need to know boost, and invisible to me all other times. It’s slightly nearer to my field of vision than any of the other mounting positions I tried, so my eyes are on the road more.

What Gauges Should I Install On My V70?

I’m considering adding 2-3 gauges to my 1998 v70 T5 w/205,000 miles, any suggestions or ideas? Turbo boost will be one of them. I don’t really have any “issues” that I’m monitoring at this time, but would like to be practical considering the age and mileage of the vehicle. I would welcome any input. Adding […]

Boost Gauge Install DIY

Boost Gauge Install -

How to Install a Boost Gauge This Volvo Forum topic covers installation of a boost gauge. Your model of Volvo might be different from the photos and description, but the concepts are there. Wiring, routing the vacuum line, mounting, it’s all here. A boost gauge — I recommend the IPD “R” unit, the display is […]