Volvo Parts Deals Wrapup

New Genuine Volvo Products available at FCP – free shipping over $25 See the new eEuroparts blog – free shipping on domestic orders over $49.99 No crazy sales, but iPD has been in the game since 1963 Nice – All brake pads and rotors are 30% off at Moose stickers (!) and good deals on Blue Box OEM […]

Change Brake Pads, Rotors XC90

A wealth of information on changing brake pads and rotors on your XC90 “So I am going to replace the pads/rotors on my XC90, I am pretty excited that they are original and I have 56K on the car. With that success rate I am REALLY leaning towards full OEM this go around, I usually […]

Diagnose Low/No Boost on a Turbo Volvo

I started looking at my boost gauge when accelerting to see if was loosing boost and I deffinetly seem to be… Let OFF the gas pedal suddenly at 4000-5000 RPM and listen for a “fluttering” noise of sorts – if you hear that, your CBV is definitely dead. IPD sells a good replacement. Loss of […]

Do the IPD Chip? Exhaust?

This Volvo Forum topic started as a question about identifying a modified ECU by simply looking at it. Then it morphed into straight performance talk. Could I feel the difference between 236hp and 285hp? Indubitably… I also have their 3″ turboback exhaust which adds to the fun. IPD ecu update?

IPD Sway Bars

My car has a fully sorted suspension system, and I found that the sway bars were overall the biggest improvement to handling that I made. I actually installed the stock sport bars first (my wagon had NO rear swaybar from the factory), but the IPD kit was still a major improvement over them. I am […]

Volvo ECU Chip/Tune Guide

This information has been gathered in my quest to increase the horsepower of my 1994 Volvo 850, S70, V70 turbo wagon. I am not affiliated, nor do I know any persons working at any of the companies mentioned, so there is no personal bias toward any particular company.

Increase Volvo Performance: Chips

volvo chips

IPD’s upgrade gives you 0.9bar, only TME (IPD’s parent source for the upgraded ECUs) give you 1.0bar. and I’m afraid the licensing agrt between the 2 may bar you from ordering a ECU upgrade direct from TME, Sweden for North American residents…