Long Crank on a 1998 — Diagnosing FPR & Vacuum Lines

Fuel Pressure Regulator

shegarty writes  »  I’ve been chasing a hard start at temperatures below -15ºC on my 98 S70 for a couple of years now. I believe that I have narrowed it down to a fuel pressure issue as I have replaced most of the electrical components (cam & crank sensors, plugs and wires etc.). As I […]

2008 XC70 3.2 Fuel Pressure Specs

2008 XC70 owner mrscullini is troubleshooting long cranking on his wagon. “When the engine is shut off, it pretty quickly bleeds down to 0. trying to diagnose a hard cold start with excessive cranking.” “Can somebody with vida/dice please provide observed fuel pressure numbers/specs at both the rail and overall system? I’m interested in readings […]