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In theatres now. Please bring weapons. The Problem brunocerous » Hi all, I’m a longtime Volvo admirer and relatively new owner of a used ’98 V70 base model. Recently, I had some CEL blinking while driving to get my inspection done, turned around and got my scanner out. I was hoping for some insight. After seeing […]

Spark Plugs – The Latest Tech & Products

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Spark plugs are a pretty basic maintenance item in most cars but with turbocharged cars, especially those making higher than stock levels of power, spark plugs become a vital part of the power delivery system. Additional tune up items typically include cap/rotor and spark plug wires but spark plugs take the brunt of the wear in the ignition and it’s not uncommon to have to replace them 3-4 times before any other ignition systems components require attention. With that said let’s look at the options out there and the benefits of each.