Does the Air Pump (SAS) Really Do Anything?

My airpump has started to sound like a vacuum grinding up a cat. Of course, the noise only lasts a minute or so, then it stops and all is well. I guess I have 2 questions:

1. What does the air pump do?

I ask this because the car runs no different before the thing kicks in and no different after it shuts off.

2. If nothing changes regardless of this thing being on or off, do I actually need it? Can is be simply unplugged and ignored?

Some people may gasp and sputter at that last statement, this is an honest question looking for a direct answer…

SAS Delete Theory


For those of you who also own Volvo, you would be familiar with “SAS Delete”. Remember that virtually all European cars (Volvo, VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche etc.) use the same setup for SAS, i.e., same Pierburg air pump, same air valve, similar ECU monitoring system.

SAS Delete/Removal Tutorial (No CEL!)

Sas delete on Volvos

IVIUSTANG » Yes, this does get rid of the P0410 code completely. erikv11 » The ECU doesn’t check the pump directly, it checks the relay and the solenoid (which you leave in place in this procedure), and it checks the O2 sensor voltage to see if it drops as occurs when the air pump is […]