Some CDs Not Working in My SC 901

Try different blank CDs? Clean the lens? My question may be stupid, but where is the lens ? I can’t see it.. I have the radio on my table, I removed the top cover and I don’t see anything that looks like a lens. Do I have to dismantle something else to have access to […]

Amplifier – How Volvo adds it

X70 Radio With External Amp

Volvo Amplifiers in P80 Cars Volvo Forum member BEJinFbk writes in one post everything you need to know to set off in the right direction with fixing or building up your Volvo’s audio capability. If you’re new to Volvo radios, start here. The Mini Bible of 850/S70/V70/XC70 Amps I’ve seen a lot of requests for […]

USASpec iPod Adaptor with Volvo SC-901

USASpec iPod adapter Review MVS Forum member Maxlcon reviews his PA-11HON with a list of The Good and a list of The Bad, from the unit itself to the compatibility with his Volvo SC-901 head unit to USASpec customer service. IPD or USA Spec iPod adapter question

Volvo Radio Light Bulb Replacement

I just happened to buy an extra bulb when I picked up a
replacement one for a clock light on a 2002 Honda Accord at the Honda dealership the other day.
When one of my Volvo’s radio lights went out yesterday, it made me wonder.. You may have read
on some sites that you can purchase a replacement at Radio Shack, but supposedly it has to be
modified and doesn’t match the other bulbs in brightness.