Volvos With CarPlay 2019

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Volvos With CarPlay 2019 2016 – 2019 XC90 2017 – 2019 S90 2017 – 2019 V90 2018 – 2019 XC60 2019 V60 2019 XC40 I’m a huge fan of CarPlay. So much a fan that I created a site for CarPlay news and how-to’s. It makes Volvo and other car manufacturers’ built-in operating systems look […]

Volvos with CarPlay 2018

Volvos With Carplay

Need a list of Volvos with CarPlay? Be careful what you buy! Not all new Volvos have CarPlay. I’ve been using CarPlay for a year, and I love it. I’d have a difficult time going back to a car without it, in fact. I like it so much I started a CarPlay information and news […]

Volvo’s First EV Said to go 250 Miles (!), Cost Sub-$40k

According to Automotive News, Volvo’s first EV will have a 250-mile range. If you follow the auto industry, and electric vehicle (EV) segment specifically, you know this is absurdly generous range, especially for a first EV model from a company. Volvo Car USA CEO Lex Kerssemakers told the publication that for the US market, 250 […]

The New XC60 is Here — Here’s Our Take

This CUV is as important to Volvo as any new model has ever been. It’s a proper small SUV, not crossover, as determined by ride height and ground clearance. Like the first generation, the new XC60 will have the T5 and T6 engines (turbocharged and twin-charged, respectively). Both of these will be available in FWD […]

What is this new SPA Platform?

Volvo’s new SPA platform is the new foundation of all the new Volvo full-size models. SPA = Scalable Product Architecture It follows the P3 platform in the late 2000s, which followed the P2 platform in the late 1990s, which followed the P80 platform in the early 1990s. The SPA platform is used for the entire […]