Volvo R Owner’s Guide

V70 R, S60 R Owners Guide for 2004-2007 model year Volvos

2004-2007 R Owners Guide

Below is a list of posts and DIYs that should help any P2 R owner, from fluid questions to which tires to buy. Use it to compare your P2 R ownership experience. While I wrote about owning an R car when I did own it, much of the material linked to from this post was written by other owners. As always, thanks to those who have shared what they know. I will update this page as I find things. Send me links or content to add.

2004-2007 Volvo R  – Not 1995-1997 R

By definition (“P2”), this guide covers Volvo R cars from 2004-2007 model years. The other R cars are the earlier generation P80 platform. Anything else is the looks-only “R-Design” trim option offered on C30 and XC60s.

P2 Volvo R Historical Links & Downloads

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Author: Matt
Date: January 25, 2013


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