Volvo S40 and V40

History of the Volvo S40 and V40


First Generation S40 & V40, 1995-2004

Half Volvo, half Mitsubishi, the first generation Volvo S40 and V40 compact car debuted in 1995, and was completely redesigned and relaunched in 2004, where it was all Volvo.

The first generation came with variety of 4-cylinder engines, including 1.6, 1.8, 1.9 and 2.0 gasoline engines, the largest being offered with two turbo choices: 2.0T and T4 (high pressure turbo). In addition to the dizzying array of engines, Europe got a 1.9 liter diesel. The United States market got exactly one engine: the 1.9 with the low-pressure turbo.

S40 & V40 Engines, First Generation

Specification S40 1.6 S40 1.8 S40 2.0 S40 1.9 T4 S40 2.0 turbo S40 1.8i S40 1.9D
Engine B4164 S (16V) B4184 S (16V) B4204 S (16V) B4194 T (16V) B4204 T (16V) B4184 SM (16V) D4192 T
Power (kW/PS)@rpm (77/105)@5500 (85/115)@5500 (103/140)@6000 (147/200)@5500 (118/160)@5100 (92/125)@5500 (66/90)@4250
Torque @rpm 143 N·m (105 lb·ft) @4200 165 N·m (122 lb·ft) @4100 183 N·m (135 lb·ft) @4500 300 N·m (220 lb·ft) @2400-3600 230 N·m (170 lb·ft) @1800-4800 174 N·m (128 lb·ft) @3750 176 N·m (130 lb·ft) @2250

Second Generation S40 2004–2012


Model year 2004.5 saw the S40 in an all-new, Volvo P1 platform-based design, built at the Volvo factory in Ghent, Belgium. The four-cylinder engine was out in favor of Volvo’s famously durable inline 5, which had been serving in Volvos starting with the 1993 Volvo 850.

Second Generation V40 = V50

The second generation wagon at this point became the V50, and like the 2004.5 S40, it was based on the P1 platform and built in Ghent, Belgium.

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Author: Matt
Date: July 6, 2009


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56 thoughts on “Volvo S40 and V40

  1. Hi, we just got a Volvo s40 2001 changed the battery but radio got locked can you pleaseeee proved us with radio code serial number is V02090Y8103106 thanks so much in advance

  2. I have a 2000 Volvo s40 1.9

    I need to replace my driver rear strut; however I would rather replace the entire thing with a quick strut/coilover.

    I cant find any. Can anyone help? Maybe there is another make/model that has interchangeable coilovers?

    I am working on a right budget, I have to replace my tires, brakes and rotors (due to excessive wear from failed strut)

  3. I have a Volvo S 40 2 litre diesel 2006.
    I am having trouble starting it, by means of the key turns but it won’t fire up. When I push start it it fires up and is fine. It is not the starter or alternator. I have replaced it. Can it be a electrical problem ? It seems if the vehicle doesn’t get enough diesel. Anybody with the same problem or any advice ?

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