Volvo to Limit Its Cars to 112 MPH in 2020

112 mph speed governor

Yikes. I don’t like this. Today it’s 112 MPH, tomorrow it’s [?]. Yes, I’m a “slippery slope” argument guy. Volvo Cars said on Monday it will introduce a 180 km per hour (112 mph) speed limiter on all new vehicles as the Swedish automaker seeks to burnish its safety credentials and meet a pledge to […]

For $18k You Can Have IPD’s S60 450hp Project Car

IPD 2011 S60 Project Car

Now’s your chance to own one of ipd’s most unique project cars. ipd’s 2011 S60 T6 AWD has thousands of dollars in upgrades. Everything has been customized from the ground up. This project started at Galpin Auto Sports in California. GAS painted the exterior in their custom pastel blue paint. They outfitted the S60 with […]

January MVS Newsletter

January 2019 Volvo News

Volvo News 2019 S60 is  the first Volvo built in the US It’s built in the brand new Charleston, South Carolina plant, and while it’s got that distinction, it might as well be the sexy and fast compact sedan that it is. Some S60 reviews: Car & Driver Motortrend Jalopnik A History of the Volvo […]

MVS Newsletter November 2018

Mvs Newsletter Nov 2018 -

Volvo News Luminar’s lidar is on display in a Volvo concept car, and the point is to show how the laser-based sensor dovetails with Volvo’s system for reading pedestrians’ body language. At the impressive distance of 250 meters, Luminar’s lidar can provide enough detail to let Volvo do what the carmaker calls “pose estimation.” Volvo’s […]

October 2018 Volvo Newsletter

Mvs Newsletter Oct 2018 -

Please buy from MVS sponsors and tell them “MVS sent me!” It helps MVS because sponsors keep the lights on around here. Did You Know? MVS has a Volvo acronyms and abbreviations page We also have a condensed Cars+Parts Volvo Classifieds page that pulls from the forum Classifieds posts Forum Classifieds users: when it sells, […]

Volvo-TomTom Agreement Axed Before It Began

Volvo Tomtom -

Yikes. This looks bad for TomTom, and ok for Volvo, which is likely to pick up Google to fill its navigation needs. Dutch navigation firm TomTom said on Tuesday it had lost a contract with automaker Volvo. The company said the contract to provide location and navigation services to Volvo, which was announced in 2016, […]

Volvo News – MVS Newsletter – September 2018

Volvo newsletter September 2018

Volvo News September 2018 Please buy from MVS sponsors and tell them “MVS sent me!” When The C30 & S60 Went Racing Recent Volvo history alert: I photographed one of the two racing C30s from K-Pax’s 2011-2012 campaigns: A Short History of Volvo Touring and GT Cars. Also includes an interview with Dax Raub of 3R […]

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It’s Just a Concept – The Volvo 360c

237061 Volvo 360c Exterior -

Well, here it is, the Volvo 360c. It’s not going into production and you won’t be able to buy one.  It’s Volvo’s template for how we’ll get around in a couple decades, that’s all. Unfortunately. This will be remembered as an awkward first impression of what will be the standard in 2040 or so, like […]

Volvo News! DIYs! And More! August 2018 Newsletter

Mvs Newsletter Aug 2018 -

Thanks for buying from MVS Sponsors. You help keep MVS on the Web. Contents The new Volvo 360c Customers satisfied Non-Volvo cars?  Snapped spring ugh Nice V70 T5 for sale Turbo lines diagram for S/V40? P3 XC70 maintenance talk Have a delta link tool? POTM QOTM News The mysterious 360c leads our Volvo news this […]

Volvo News & More — July 2018 Newsletter

MVS Newsletter July 2018

Thanks for buying from MVS Sponsors. You help keep MVS on the Web. Contents Polestar 2, and… Why can’t it just be a Volvo? X2 vs. XC40 – Battle of the ex’s Volvo IPO valuation 850 N/A engine in a 1966 Bosch throttle bodies failure rate 2 broken Volvos Diary: I’m 17, have an 855 Swap: auto […]