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Diagnose Low/No Boost on a Turbo Volvo

Low/No Boost Problems?

IPD's CBVI started looking at my boost gauge when accelerating to see if was loosing boost and I definitely seem to be…

Let OFF the gas pedal suddenly at 4000-5000 RPM and listen for a “fluttering” noise of sorts – if you hear that, your CBV is definitely dead. IPD sells a good replacement.

Loss of power and boost on 850 Turbo Low/No Boost

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  • How far will your Volvo take you? American Irv Gordon drove three million miles over 47 years in his Volvo P1800. He’s the first person ever to clock up that mileage in the same-originally owned vehicle. Even more impressive is that he achieved this feat without replacing the engine.

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Wil Lauderback says:

Mine did the same thing. There are a couple people on eBay that will repair them for 50.00. I did this and it works great. You have to have it removed and mail it off though. It is an easy job, and there are videos on YouTube.

I own a 1995 volvo 850 (non-turbo fw-drive) and the light is on for ABS. Is there a way to find out what is wrong with it? I took it in
for a diagnosis and they want almost $600. for the part alone and another $100 for labor. I am hoping to find
someone here in Salt Lake City that is reputable, and will do a good job. Do you have any ideas?

Jayne Bradshaw


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