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How to Save Money Having Your Car Painted by Prepping the Car

vjaneczko ask:

“I’m toying with the idea of getting my 855 painted – the whole thing – and I’ve never had anyone do any paint work for me, so I’m wondering if anyone can pass along some thoughts about the process & experience.

I’ve got the factory 601 Red and would like to change it to the 609 Bright Red. Not much of a change, so I don’t think it would be that noticeable.

What would it cost for a darn-good job? I don’t want someone touching my car for some $179 special but I’m not sure what a good job would cost. I imagine that most of the cost is in the prep work, so getting a few ‘extra’ coats of paint and clear coat doesn’t jack up the cost that much?

I have a few dings and there’s some bubbling happening on one of the side markers but I can’t see any other signs of rust. How much $$ would that add to the job?

Should a good shop remove any trim parts to make the painting go better, or should I “trust” them to tape everything well? Or should I remove the stuff before I drop it off?”

kcodyjr says:
“My old man and I did it with the 1981. We did all of the prep work ourselves including scraping out the rust, bondo it over, priming our repair spots, removing all trim, and delivering the vehicle essentially ready to mask off the glass and paint. At that point, Maaco did a darn fine job for just under $1K. Of course, then we had to put all the trim back on ourselves

You’ll save a good deal of effort by sticking with the original color.

EDIT: If you really must change the color, my advice is to strip the car down inside and out, leaving all the trim, light fixtures, and entire interior in your basement; then prep the car as far as possible yourself with bondo and sandpaper and spray primer, and then have it TOWED to the paint shop without even lights and such installed. The less they have to do, the less they can screw up.”

Anyone get their car painted?

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Maaco killed our Volvo. My wife and I decided on a color and she drove it to work. She then told the guy she wanted it pretty much the same color that it was. This is not what we decided, anyway. Maaco called me to come get the car it was done. I drove up and waited for it to be brought to the front so I could inspect it. I was very surprised. It looked like it was primer. And on inspection the clear coat which was lifting in the creases at body work were painted over! A can of paint was set on the roof before the paint dried. There was dust everywhere which dried into the paint. Now a year later and the paint is flaking off especially at the bumpers a small pebble knocked off a huge section of paint off the bumper. The paint is a nice color though and to their credit they almost matched it. But there is no SHINE to it. They told me they pre-mixed the clear coat into the paint. Do not believe them. The guy BTW who was showing me the car for inspection did not speak english and my spanish was not good enough to bring to mind all that was wrong. I asked the english owner if I could drive around town with a MAACO sign on my side windows to advertise this particular “showpiece” . He said NO WAY.

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