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Seafoam Doesn’t Work

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Some say that seafoam does not work.

MVS forum member vlv850 shares his seafoam horror story with the hopes of helping other members see the potential risk. vlv850 says – Just did a Seafoam treatment on my 94 850 NA. Sucked it through the intake tree into manifold, let sit 15 min., started it back up. Tons of smoke, and a horrible clicking/knock from the engine. Drove it a few miles, until smoke subsided, but knocking continued.

MVS Forum Member Maxbaby replied:

Can’t say I’ve experienced it, but it’s certainly something I’ve heard of a number of times, and it’s been talked about here and some of the other non-volvo forums that I’ve been on. It’s just one of those things that could happen when you do such a treatment, and usually will correct itself by, as you’ve already learned, burning off.

MVS Forum Member MadeInJapan says:

Keep driving it and see what happens. I doubt you’ve bent a rod from just using seafoam.

MVS Forum Member vlv850 replied:

The Seafoam Saga Continues…

Drove it to my Volvo mechanic this morning, with people looking at my broke a$$ car, so he could here the noise in person…NOT GOOD. He didn’t think was a bent rod, to high pitched of a knock he said. Didn’t think was a piece of carbon either, but something was stuck in the cylinder or broke in there. Checked all the plugs, oil pressure, compression, all good to go. Next step…remove the head. I ended up leaving the car there, and taking a cab home.

I’ll keep you posted as to how it turns out, Seafoam beware.

MVS Forum Member vlv850 added:

Okay, so the head came off, #1 cylinder was shot, and wet per my mechanic. no use really fixing (so he says) and it’s new engine time. Engine wasn’t hydrolocked nor a bent rod, i don’t know what happened….

Maybe the vacuum line I used only fed into the #1 cyl. not all of them…used one of the throttle body tree.

Called Seafoam, they basically said tough shit, you applied it incorrectly. Sue us if you want us to fix it.


Seafoam Doesn’t Work

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Same thing happened to me 2 days ago. I sprayed it in through the throttle plate, just as instructed on the can. When the smoke cleared I was left with a very loud clacking noise. The mechanic will be rippin it open next week.
2006 GMC 1500 4.8l

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