S80 Transmission Rebuild In-Car DIY

I have a 2000 S80 T-6 with the same P0756 troubles everyone usually runs into, namely no shift into 3rd or 4th. Swapping the whole solenoid set had no effect, so it was time for a complete unit swap or a rebuild. As this is my project car, and I’d done a few VW transmissions before, I decided to do it myself. The idea came from watching this series of videos on YouTube, it’s possible to fix the problem our cars have without actually removing the transmission, so this rebuild just replaces all the clutches and worn bushings and the 4th gear shaft, leaving the torque converter and differential alone.

S80 Transmission Stuck in Performance Mode

S80 Transmissions Fail Often, Can Be Rebuilt “Volvo’s transmission in this car is a GM 4T65-type transaxle. There are two versions: the 4T65EV and the 4T65EV-GT (GearTronic). My advice: have it rebuilt by a competent transmission shop (get references, shop around, ask for references from other shops; find a shop that works on police cars, […]