Volvo OEM Amp Install in a 1998 V70

1998 Volvo V70 part #9452029 Amplifier Install

As an audiophile, I can tell you that the sonic benefit is well worth the effort. If that quote isn’t enough to spur you to seek out a part #9452029 amp for your P80 Volvo, I don’t know what will. This a good post with helpful photos incorporating instructions on installing a Volvo amp in […]

Amplifier – How Volvo adds it

X70 Radio With External Amp

Volvo Amplifiers in P80 Cars Volvo Forum member BEJinFbk writes in one post everything you need to know to set off in the right direction with fixing or building up your Volvo’s audio capability. If you’re new to Volvo radios, start here. The Mini Bible of 850/S70/V70/XC70 Amps I’ve seen a lot of requests for […]