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Breakout Cable to Add Amp to P80 cars – Audio Centipede

I’ve mentioned a cable I made when I replaced the SC-816 in my 850R with an SC-901 and C70 4x100w Amp, and promised a write-up for a long time. I’ve finally pulled everything out to take pictures and will try to explain it as clearly as possible.

Let’s talk about this Breakout Cable


adding an amp - Breakout Cable to Add Amp to P80 cars - Audio CentipedeThis cable makes adding an amp to your car while keeping the Volvo head
unit really simple (if you can’t find the proper wiring harness at the
junkyard). If you got a Volvo amplifier, then you still need the Volvo DIN
Amp cable (or wire your own!). If you are adding an aftermarket amplifier,
then you need to make a DIN-RCA breakout cable. Write-ups for this exist
and I can’t do any better than this one…


adding an amp2 - Breakout Cable to Add Amp to P80 cars - Audio Centipede

Now, really, really astute readers will look at the first picture and say, “Hey! There’s a loose wire there!” That’s right, there is. I actually ADDED that wire in by cracking open another factory wire harness and pulling that wire out with its little metal connector intact and then I inserted it into this harness. Everything I read tells me that this wire will allow me to send the head unit a signal to go into TELEPHONE mode. I never tested this, but I had grand plans to purchase a Parrot bluetooth phone interface and wire it directly into the system so that call audio was routed over the speakers and the head unit would mute and display “TELEPHONE” on the display whenever the Parrot unit was active.

Breakout cable to add an Amp to P80 cars – audio centipede

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