1998 V70 GLT 19T Build

How To Make A Regular 1998 V70 Fast -

MVS Contributor and member since 2014 bmdubya1198 guides us through a wonderful build thread on an everyday 1998 V70 GLT with a factory 13G turbo. Check out what he did to it: bmdubya1198 » It’s time to see my first Volvo make some power! I’m not one to do “build threads”, but I figured for this car, […]

What causes a valve to “burn”?

Burnt valve

What causes a valve to burn in a normally aspirated engine? And what causes it to break, I mean losing a smal piece at the valve rim? Volvo Forum user byeboy writes “Well, it seems ant-climatic to go through such a journey of discomfort and discovery…only to find a tiny piece of exhaust valve #2 […]