Performance Suspension Guide

Fast Friday Volvo Performance and Tuning

Springs support the weight of the car and are generally specified in pounds of force required to deflect (compress) the spring 1 inch, also known as spring rate. The higher the number the firmer/stiffer the spring. Springs that take a linear amount of force to deflect are called linear springs while progressive springs take less force to deflect initially and take more force to continue deflection as the spring is compressed. Progressive springs are popular with performance enthusiasts as they provide a more comfortable initial spring rate with a firmer final spring rate that keeps the vehicle more stable. A good way to think about springs is to remember that they limit how far the suspension moves, not how fast.

How to Drive Gen 1 FWD Volvos Fast

MVS Forum Member ArchieBrown is taking his 1997 850 R manual on a long, fun twisty-road tour and need some advice on keeping it on the road. There is some anecdotal evidence about understeer and needing to keep the revs high in the 850 to make full use of the power. In my WRX I […]

IPD Sway Bars

My car has a fully sorted suspension system, and I found that the sway bars were overall the biggest improvement to handling that I made. I actually installed the stock sport bars first (my wagon had NO rear swaybar from the factory), but the IPD kit was still a major improvement over them. I am […]

Strut Brace Mod for S80, V70R, S60R

I know the title says all Volvo’s but otherwise things don’t fit here. This is really for P2 Volvo’s (’01 and later V/XC/C70’s, S60’s and S80’s) The flimsy metal bar that goes from strut tower to strut tower can be be modified to make a true strut brace that will help your car’s road holding performance, especially when cornering. Thanks vegasjetskier for this addition!