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Strut Brace Mod for S80, V70R, S60R

Check out this Strut Brace Mod

The flimsy metal bar that goes from strut tower to strut tower can be be modified to make a true strut brace that will help your car’s road holding performance, especially when cornering.

The stock “strut bar” on the S80 (and maybe some other models) is not really a strut bar at all, but part of a complicated engine mount system. It’s very flexible in order to reduce the transmission of engine vibrations to the passenger area of the car. But it can be converted into a real strut bar which will reduce the movement of the tops of the McPherson strut towers in hard cornering, which should make your car’s handling a little tighter.

Here’s how to solidify your engine mount into an effective strut brace for almost no cash. Total cost $2.28.

jbalbo wrote:

“Came across this, great write up, replacing my upper mount on an 07 S60 and was going to replace the strut bar mounts, but from what I read they usually are OK, thinking of doing your modification, just wondering if its developed any vibration in the car?”

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