Headlight Bulbs and E-Code (European) Lenses

Which Headlight Bulbs to Get + E-Code Lens Discussion Bulbs like the Philips Silverstar or almost anything PIAA that have a coating to change the color output are going to by definition, put out LESS light than an un-coated bulb. Again, because they now produce a different output, the perception is that they are brighter; […]

Replacement/Upgrade Headlight Choices: E-code vs. DOT

There are currently FOUR different types of lights available. 1) E-Code (aka european) “jewel” lights 2) DOT (aka US Department of Transportation approved) “jewel” lights 3) E-Code “fluted” lights 4) DOT “fluted” lights. Warren561 says: There’s a great write-up comparing the four on swedespeed.comhttp://forums.swedespeed.com/showthread … Projectors The consensus is that, for the budget-minded, the E-Code […]