1998 V70 GLT 19T Build

How To Make A Regular 1998 V70 Fast -

MVS Contributor and member since 2014 bmdubya1198 guides us through a wonderful build thread on an everyday 1998 V70 GLT with a factory 13G turbo. Check out what he did to it: bmdubya1198 » It’s time to see my first Volvo make some power! I’m not one to do “build threads”, but I figured for this car, […]

The New XC60 is Here — Here’s Our Take

This CUV is as important to Volvo as any new model has ever been. It’s a proper small SUV, not crossover, as determined by ride height and ground clearance. Like the first generation, the new XC60 will have the T5 and T6 engines (turbocharged and twin-charged, respectively). Both of these will be available in FWD […]

MIJ is Back With a 2007 S40 AWD T5M

Longtime MVS Volvo Forums Moderator MadeInJapan is back with a stage 1 2007 S40 AWD T5M. I think my brain just exploded. Just bought a ’07 S40 AWD T5 with 6 speed manual transmission. So, I’m back in the Volvo fold again sort-of-speak and will probably be posting again. This is a sweet car- the […]