Improve Headlight Output with Projectors

New MVS Forums member and now MVS Contributor Darkfleet explains how he upgraded the headlights on his 1999 XC70. The DIY writeup joins a strong group of headlight upgrade and improvement tutorials and information like this one, this one, this one and this one. This writeup is tailored to his XC70, but this will work […]

Improve Volvo Headlights

Justin on how to improve Volvo headlights: Better bulbs – I use Silverstars and am quite happy with them, but others will say they’re useless gimmicky crap. Whatever; I can see the difference and they light up the road in front of me pretty well. There are other good alternatives as well. I would recommend NOT […]

HID Error Code Eliminators

Assuming your car has stock 55w wiring: -A 35w HID kit will need the BOW3 eliminator. -A 55w HID kit will not need the BOW3 eliminator. Alert! New addition to the forum topic Error Code Eliminators by MVS Contributor (thank you!) Kelvin6. Very interesting because it’s free and easy. I did some research on the wiring […]