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HID Error Code Eliminators

Let’s talk HID Error Code Eliminators

Assuming your car has stock 55w wiring:

-A 35w HID kit will need the BOW3 eliminator.
-A 55w HID kit will not need the BOW3 eliminator.

Alert! New addition to the forum topic Error Code Eliminators by MVS Contributor (thank you!) Kelvin6. Very interesting because it’s free and easy.

I did some research on the wiring diagram of the stock headlight system and found that if you take out the headlight relay, either a grey or green box under the fuse panel (the one by the driver side cowl piece) and flip it over you will notice a small pin labeled K. The K pin is a trigger for the bulb out warning light on the dash. If you block the pin, the bulb out warning light for the front headlights will not turn on (yet it will still work for the other lights of the car). I blocked this pin by putting a small piece of regular tape around the pin and carefully reinserting the relay back into its socket (so that the tape does peel off during reinsertion). This has cured my bulb out light for my front headlights. I understand that if one of my headlights goes out I will have no warning, but trust me i’ll NOTICE when a headlight is out!

DDDM Tuning E Code eliminators – Do I need them?

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