ARD’s S70 Bare Metal Build

Check out this Bare Metal Build Watch with your own eyes as ARD’s talented and resourceful owner Lucky takes a blown-up S70 and strips its engine down to bare metal, and builds it into a forged, 20T-turbo monster. forged pistons forged rods 20T turbo limited slip differential from Quaife M56 manual transmission from a donor […]

E85 Fuel & Performance

Fast Friday Volvo Performance and Tuning

For those who might remember the days of adjusting ignition timing at the distributor and feeling the gain of power by just a few degrees of ignition advance, E85 allows for as much as 7-8 degrees of additional ignition advance which can translate to some serious power gains!

Piggyback ECU & SAFC… it’s Fast Friday #27!

Fast Friday Volvo Performance and Tuning

ARD owner and tuner Robert “Lucky” Arnold writes When I started tuning years ago the only thing approachable was using a piggyback ECU to adjust fuel and timing on my LH fueled RWD Volvos. Of all the cars I put piggyback on, my 242 was my favorite and after the swap from the mechanical K-jet […]

Tune My Ride! ’98 V70 LPT

Fast Friday Volvo Performance and Tuning

LPT motors are great when it comes to the low end grunt it takes to get AWD cars moving, but the wastegate setting is critical to get that early boost development that makes these cars so nice off the line. If you haven’t set your wastegate yet I can’t stress how much that will affect driveability.

Review: ARD Green Tune

Let’s talk about the ARD Green Tune Another ARD Green Tune Review MVS Volvo Forum user ojdorson writes “It was a real pleasure to deal with Lucky. After a few quick e-mails, I decided to go with his recommendations – ARD Green Tune with M44 conversion. The ECU was shipped very quickly and the installation process is […]