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Tune My Ride! ’98 V70 LPT

Tine up that 98 V70 LPT !

Tune my Ride - '98 V70

Welcome to Tune My Ride!

MVS Forum member rmmagow asks Lucky “What to do for an all-around improvement — power/handling — on my 98 V70 LPT?”

What do you have?

1998 V70 AWD LPT 180,000. Just about stage-0, only minor vacuum related issues to fix.

How much do you have to spend?

$750 to $1000. I’ll do my own wrenching.

Where do you want to go with it?

Faster turbo response with more boost available at the upper end, say the 60 to 80 mph range sort of like how the R responds. Better handling, flatter cornering. The car currently does not have the AWD connected, but I’d like to put it back. I also don’t want to kill the motor or tranny.

Lucky’s Answer

LPT motors are great when it comes to the low end grunt it takes to get AWD cars moving, but the wastegate setting is critical to get that early boost development that makes these cars so nice off the line. If you haven’t set your wastegate yet I can’t stress how much that will affect driveability… 98 V70 LPT

Tune my Ride – ’98 V70

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