Starla Exhaust Advice & Reviews

Time For A New Exhaust Starla -

I’ve assembled a handful of owner comments about Starla exhausts… notes and observations about Starla purchases by Volvo owners and MVS users like you. See what the Volvo Repair Database has for Volvo replacement exhausts. Generally, you have a fair number of choices for things like piping: Walker, Bosal, Starla, DEC, Ansa, AP, and Volvo […]

Exhaust Shopping – The Seven Things to Know

Fast Friday Volvo Performance and Tuning

This week’s Fast Friday is a Tune My Ride! Whoo!

In it, Lucky tackles the most basic — bust most important — questions when shopping for an exhaust for your Volvo: Diameter, Shape, Material, Ease of Installation, Warranty, Sound, and Catalytic Converter + Legality of using non-OEM equipment.