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Volvo Exhaust Shopping – Seven Things to Know

This is a make-believe volvo exhaust purchasing exercise with Joe, an S60 owner.

In Joe’s Make-Believe World™, Joe must consider these factors

  • Exhaust Diameter
  • Exhaust Shape
  • Exhaust Material
  • Exhaust Ease of installation
  • Exhaust Warranty
  • Exhaust Sound
  • Exhaust Cats/Legal

Joe’s Make-Believe World™ car is a 2004 S60 2.5T, because it’s pretty common and many of us MVS readers are likely to have one.

Let’s also say the volvo exhaust is to be paired with an ARD Green Tune, because that is an excellent midpoint between power and daily driverness. This duo will deliver nice manners, and a good shove in the back when you need it. Joe wants to get his tune after his exhaust, so ARD’s Lucky can make the tune’s programming curves allow for the exhaust. Tunes and exhausts are symbiotic, and Joe is wise.

Joe is Not a Raging Felon, Thus His Exhaust is Quiet

If you’re getting the impression that Joe is an upstanding citizen who does not smoke blunts, drink Chevas Regal, and blast pop music at 2am, you are correct. Joe’s a dad, so his new exhaust can’t drone in town or on the highway, it can’t wake the neighbors when he backs out of his driveway, and it will be used with a catalytic converter. Joe is in no mood to swap components every year when he gets an emission check, so the factory catalytic convertor will stay put, making this a “Cat-back” exhaust.

Buying your exhaust through the MVS-Amazon link helps this site. For example, XC90 exhaust for  2.5T / T6 / V8 or 2001-2009 S60 exhaust.

Exhausts – The Seven Things to Know, by Lucky

As suggested by the man himself (Matt) this week let’s cover the various aspects of exhaust systems specifically looking at Cat-back systems available in the market today! Per Matt’s suggestion we’ll be considering this topic against a 2004 S60 turbo. [’04 S60 turbo being a good composite example of the MVS reader]

Let’s start by breaking down the aspect of exhaust choices based on diameter, shape, materials, installation, warranty, sound, and legality with regard to catalytic convertors.

Exhaust Diameter

For the most part 2.5″ ID exhaust will be more than enough for most folks sub 400 bhp. For those above that level 3″ becomes a necessary option although some of that will be determined by the nature of the muffler and resonators used. Obviously the less restrictive the muffler/resonator the smaller the exhaust can be in terms of diameter. For the Downpipe portion of the exhaust, 3″ is preferred since the exhaust gasses are still quite hot and taking up considerable room as opposed to post catalyst gasses that have cooled considerably and take up less space, hence the reduction in pipe diameter for the cat back section.

Volvo Exhaust Shape

Round or oval the most important part is total area of flow. Whether larger round pipe is used or smaller oval/elliptical pipe is used the total area is what you should be comparing. Elliptical pipe is however desirable for models like the S60 in question, where ground clearance can be an issue. Round pipe at 3″ could become the lowest point of the car especially if lowered and potentially create interference problems. Twin tube can be a good option as well so do your math and compare flow area to get a sense of which system you’re considering has the best fit for your setup. [added 2013-2-18] MVS reader John S. notes this article failed to recommend mandrel bending, which means the curves are bent smoothly.

Volvo Exhaust Material

Most quality volvo exhaust systems will be made from stainless steel in either 304 or 409 grade. 304 has higher nickel content and polishes out nicer but 409 is tougher even though it can develop a boundary layer of corrosion which can be less attractive. Both are ultimately fine choices but for my money 409 is my favorite, unless you’re in an area with salted roads and corrosion issues… in that case 304 would be a better choice.

Stainless 409 exhaust

Stainless 304 exhaust

Exhaust Install

For the P2 platform, installation is pretty straight forward, no driveline or axles to drop to gain access and a system can typically be installed on a lift in under 30 minutes. On the ground with jack stands figure about an hour without any broken studs or bolts. For earlier 850/70 series models the install can be a bit tougher since you have to weave the exhaust in and around the rear delta links and control arms so give yourself a bit more time if you’re installing to one of these models. As far as construction look for high quality V band joints as opposed to the standard flanged joints with gasket. V bands are easier to both install and adjust when fitting exhaust systems.

Exhaust Warranty

Warranties vary quite widely from manufacturer to manufacturer but expect to get at least a 1 year warranty on the system. For those systems that include a downpipe and catalyst be sure to ask as some catalyst equipped downpipe manufacturers offer no warranty at all. Buyer beware and ask!

Exhaust Sound/Drone
This is likely the hardest part of deciding on an exhaust system: video and sound clips rarely provide a good glimpse of what the system will actually sound like once on the car and driving. Drone is the major concern during light throttle cruising since this is where most drivers spend the majority of the time when driving. Systems prone to bad drone will tend to be constructed more cheaply, keep an eye out for the following to select a system with the least amount of drone.

Muffler & Drone

You’re looking for a muffler that is of reasonable size and multi chambered or baffled to help exhaust pulses collide and reduce sound without so much collision that it restricts flow. This can be a bit tricky to determine since you may not have information as to the internal design. However some dead reckoning will help you get a sense of how much pipe length occurs inside the muffler and the more the better!

Resonators & Drone
Most resonators will be straight through perforated and surrounded by muffler packing to help reduce resonation in the exhaust. The longer the better with these, and look for oval resonators vs. round for best sound reduction.
Mounting and clamping. V bands add mass to the connection points of the exhaust which help dampen resonance caused by vibration. Proper mounting with consideration to exhaust hangers is crucial as well so keep an eye on how the system is connected to the factory rubber hangers or if they are replaced with new units.

Resonated Exhaust Tips & Drone
Resonated exhaust tips give more of a smaller impact but still notable and worth consideration for a system you’re looking at.

Exhaust tip

V band clamp

Exhaust Legality

Depending on your area the system you choose may or may not be legal. Technically if it is changed from stock and not EPA or CARB approved it is likely in violation of Federal emissions laws. Check with the manufacturer as they should know better than anyone if there system has been approved for road use and is 50 state legal.

— Lucky, ARD

Exhaust Shopping – The Seven Things to Know

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