Starla Exhaust Advice & Reviews

Time For A New Exhaust Starla -

I’ve assembled a handful of owner comments about Starla exhausts… notes and observations about Starla purchases by Volvo owners and MVS users like you. See what the Volvo Repair Database has for Volvo replacement exhausts. Generally, you have a fair number of choices for things like piping: Walker, Bosal, Starla, DEC, Ansa, AP, and Volvo […]

Fix a Rusted Exhaust on a Volvo

Need to fix a rusted exhaust on a Volvo? MVS contributor xHeart documents fixing his rusted, broken, leaking exhaust on his Volvo. This saga included a Class A fiasco on the part of Parts Geek shipping mislabeled and dented exhaust, then shipping an exhaust for a completely different Volvo. What a mess. The two ends […]