2007 XC70 Towing a Large Trailer

2007 XC70 towing a 1000-lbs trailer (empty weight)

I just grabbed this shot in the DU area of Denver yesterday. With a tow rating of 3300 pounds, a 2007 XC70 is a capable hauler. This trailer looks to be about a 1000-lbs trailer which is about as big as you want to go on Volvo passenger cars, and here’s a roughly equivalent trailer […]

Towing a Volvo Long Distance

Pehr G Gyllenhammar's 1981 Volvo 262c On A Trailer Behind The New Xc90

I have also towed with a 1/2 ton Suburban, and although the rear end does sag a bit when loading a car on a u-haul transport. But, putting the car on backwards on the transport can be REAL dangerous, as in, an uncontrollable trailer sway. I have seen a 1/2 ton chevy pickup going down […]

Towing a Miata with an S70

So I will be moving from the NYC area to Nashville for at least a year and I have run into an issue when deciding how to move my cars. I have a Mazda Miata but I can’t drive two cars down at the same time. two trips is out of the question and I don’t want to pay to move it.

I was thinking about towing the Miata (2250lbs) on a dolly down to Tennessee. I know the max towing the S70 is rated for is 3300lbs but is this realistic?

V8 Yamaha Transmission

Towing with a XC90 Apparently there’s no dipstick and you check that it has the right amount of fluid, much the same way you do with a manual transmission. Here’s what I found- I hope this is right- this is the only description I found for the V8 engine’s transmission… V8 Yamaha Transmission

Volvo 850 Trailer Towing Followup

Pulling A U Haul Trailer With A Volvo 850

Following up on Towing a Trailer with an 850 and Towing a Trailer with an 850 part II blog post, I’d like to add that I had my total weight calculated at a truck weigh station, and it was well over what Volvo recommends for the towing limit. I’m embarrassed to relate this, being a […]

I’m On The Road Now Towing with a Volvo 850

Pulling Uhaul Trailer Volvo

Just woke up at a hotel in Boise, Idaho. So far I can summarize the 850/trailer combo as this: I’m pulling a house. See the Volvo 850 towing backstory here — I talk about deciding on what methods to get my stuff from Seattle to Denver, and how I arrived at buying a hitch and renting […]

Pulling a U-Haul Trailer 1300 Miles – Volvo 850 T5

Pulling A Trailer With A Volvo 850

Ok, after thought and consideration, I’m going with a hitch/uHaul trailer. Door2door was going to be $1150 (as was a similar service), and full-service movers were going to be $1350. The trailer rental is only $275. [This blog post is in response to the question/advice I got in this MVS Forum thread.] I’m having the […]