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This category includes posts about numbers. Numbers that define various Volvo models’ appetite for oil, transmission fluid, steering fluid, brake fluid, coolant, and the like… things that Volvo engineers gave their spawn when they was born. When the Volvo model was born, not the engineer.

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Timing Belt Intervals , Volvo PDF

Timing Belt Intervals Late P80 and P2 official timing belt intervals from Volvo documents 1999-2015 All models Volvo Timing belt service schedule DID YOU KNOW? Volvo innovation is…

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Timing Belt Tension Specification on a 1998 Volvo

Volvo does not publish belt tension specs for “white” engines. The hydraulic tensioner took care of it and then the eccentric tensioners have the goalposts as marker for the correct tension range with engine cold.
The cast iron block 16 valve 4 cylinder had a spec of 4 but no unit was listed since the tool was provided by Volvo and it had no units on its face, just the numbers.

I worked for the manufacturer when that car was new and there was no information in any of the published info for technical personnel.

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What Makes a PTC Valve Work?

I always wondered what was inside the PTC valve and how it worked electrically, so I decided to take apart one of the ones I harvested from the junkyard a few months ago.

I removed the rubber bushing by prying it up and off. Then I used a hacksaw to slice down one side of the main PTC tube. While I was sawing the last bit of the side, when the blade dug into the bottom piece it popped off. The bottom piece is also copper and was soldered onto the copper tube.

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Towing a Miata with an S70

So I will be moving from the NYC area to Nashville for at least a year and I have run into an issue when deciding how to move my cars. I have a Mazda Miata but I can’t drive two cars down at the same time. two trips is out of the question and I don’t want to pay to move it.

I was thinking about towing the Miata (2250lbs) on a dolly down to Tennessee. I know the max towing the S70 is rated for is 3300lbs but is this realistic?

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Volvo Manual Transmissions : Identification

“I recently picked up a ’95 T5R that had a manual transmission swapped in it in about 2002 I believe, the guys I got it off of started parting it out for some reason. Basically it has everything left in it for a manual swap but not much else. I know the car was originally and auto, I was hoping someone might be able to help me identify which transmission it was when I order a clutch for it for when I swap the trans into my other Volvo.”