Fast LPT — 2007 XC70 Meets a Stage 3 Tune!

Fast Friday Volvo Performance and Tuning

To start on the project, we headed over to Portland Speed Industries’ Dynojet chassis dynamometer to get some baseline numbers and to verify that all the stage 0 items had been completed. Starting with a solid foundation is key; it is absolutely imperative to go through the vehicle and make sure all wear items are in OEM new condition or better before trying to make additional power. This is so important to the performance of these cars that the Volvo community has coined a term for it: Stage 0. Thanks to diligent maintenance by CKA motorsports the XC arrived prepped and ready for some upgrades!

“628” R ECUs and 850s

So, I recently installed a 628 ECU and it works great. It feels like I have a little more boost everywhere, not just for 7 seconds, 30 seconds, or whatever the literature claims. This is in a MY94 850.

Piggyback ECU & SAFC… it’s Fast Friday #27!

Fast Friday Volvo Performance and Tuning

ARD owner and tuner Robert “Lucky” Arnold writes When I started tuning years ago the only thing approachable was using a piggyback ECU to adjust fuel and timing on my LH fueled RWD Volvos. Of all the cars I put piggyback on, my 242 was my favorite and after the swap from the mechanical K-jet […]

SEMA 2012 – The PINs are Coming!

Fast Friday Volvo Performance and Tuning

While encryptions can be broken with enough time and effort the latest PIN protected Eeproms prevent outside communication of any kind without the proper PIN. Will the OE’s provide the PIN to customers once the warranty period is up? If not, new vehicle’s sales may be impacted by how friendly the OE is to the aftermarket.

Review: ARD Green Tune

Another ARD Green Tune Review MVS Volvo Forum user ojdorson writes “It was a real pleasure to deal with Lucky. After a few quick e-mails, I decided to go with his recommendations – ARD Green Tune with M44 conversion. The ECU was shipped very quickly and the installation process is fairly brainless. I lost one of the […]