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Torn CV boot. Axles or CV Boot Kit?

Which boot kit for Torn CV boot?

I had to replace both of my front axles and used the EMPI’s. So far so good. TIP: When inserting the shaft back into the transmission make sure the circlip opening is facing down. It has been my experience that the shaft slides and locks in easier when the circlip is in this position.

Torn CV boot. Axles or CV Boot Kit?

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1 Comment

I ordered a REIN automotive CV boot kit for my 98 V70 NA 5 speed manual.

boot kit number is BKN0081R

I pulled the car all apart. (did not pull the old boots, just the halfshaft out.) As I had it on the bench, I was comparing the new boots with the originals. Yup, original to the car boots, 245,000 km of canadian winters and they are just now giving it up, but I digress.

I noticed of the new boots, one boot is a smaller size on the shaft (small end) end than the other. I’m confused as the small shaft is the same size throughout, I presume anyway that it is? shouldn’t both boots have the same small end size?

I have sent the place I ordered from the VIN, which they insist the correct part was sent.

Anyone else experience this before or know where may obtain the right part?


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