Tunes: Does One Size Fit All?

Normally-Aspirated Volvo Owners, You've Got Choices

What to Look For in a Chip Tune

Lucky of ARD tells us what to look for when shelling out our cash on ECU flashes/chip tunes/”tunes”.

This weeks Fast Friday will be a bit on the short side since we’re elbow deep in two car builds at the moment and will have some great pics/vids and data for you next week on the non turbo project. With that said I thought we’d cover the topic of how tuners tune cars, the short version.

Not all tuners adjust the ECU calibrations the same, that likely doesn’t surprise you. However what might surprise you is how it’s actually done. Here at ARD we tune each ECU by hand according to the customers environment, vehicle mods and particular driving style. Each file is read out from the ECU then decoded and put into our editor. We then edit the necessary maps, save the file, and load it back to the ECU. By tuning ECU’s this way we can make sure that all the relevant maps and values are edited for optimal performance and efficiency. The process is effectively the same whether we’re tuning the ECU in our offices or if it’s done via our softloader… which BTW will have some exciting news on that next week!

It’s Fast Friday #35. Tunes: Does One Size Fit All?

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