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Volvo Maintenance Log!
I’m very excited to introduce the MatthewsVolvoSite Volvo Maintenance Log. With it you can keep track of what’s done to your Volvo over the years.

What is it? It’s a place to record maintenance and repairs done to your Volvo.

Specifically, what is it? It’s a subforum here in the MVS Volvo Forums, and it’s unique because it restricts replies to only the Topic starter. Thus, you will not be bugged by others about the procedures you’ve done.

How to use it? Easy. For every Volvo you own, start one Topic in the Volvo Maintenance Log forum. If you own one Volvo, you will never have a reason to start a second Topic there.

Why one Topic? Because you can keep all your records in one place — a Topic. And they’re date-stamped, so you know when you did them.

Can I add items from the past? Yes! Please do. The date stamps that the forum automatically places on posts won’t be correct, naturally, but you can simply write in your post “Performed 2010-7-21” or whatever the date was. Please use that format, by the way, year-month-day, and place it at the top of your Maintenance posts.

What if MVS goes away? Am I putting all my eggs in one basket? MVS has been around for a decade, and will be for at least another. The server is backed up nightly.

I’ll be adding more on how to use it — flushing out the rules and suggestions — as we begin using it.

Here’s an example, my ’97 850 T5’s Topic: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=46810

I will simply add to that as the months and maintenance/repairs go by. You can write as much and often as you want, there are no limits.

Any questions, please ask in this Topic.

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