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Sunroof Seal Repair

After peeling off the gasket I discovered that the metal sunroof frame was severely rusted and had begun to separate from the glass. The glass is bonded to the frame with a very hard rubber like sealant, water seeps under the sunroof gasket and sits in the depressed area of the frame causing it to rust.

To repair this I first scraped/filed off as much loose rust as I could and pried the frame as far away from the glass as I could without breaking anything using wooden wedges and continued to clean as much rust out as possible. I then applied a rust converter to the remaining material.

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OBD-I LED Code Reader & DIY Instructions

Volvo Forum Contributor and all-around DIY uberguru Ben850 fabricated an OBD-I code reader. OBD-I cars are typically model year 1988 to 1995, and have a more crude way to display codes… by displaying a series of light flashes (like Morse code) rather than storing and outputting codes in a more “human readable” fashion that OBD-II does.

These OBD-I cars diagnostic boxes are small and black, and found in front of the shock tower on the driver’s side (LHD markets).

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Octane And The Turbocharged Engine

Any time you compress air it’s going to increase in temperature, with a turbo charger it’s no different. The more boost you run the more heat is imparted to the air going into the engine. This heat along with latent heat from the previous combustion cycle can increase enough that the fuel can actually ignite before the spark plug lights it off, which is called pre-ignition or ping. Pre-ignition can be very damaging to an engine if it is severe enough or occurs over a long enough period of time. So higher octane fuels help avoid this.

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Restore Your Seats… Perfectly

After striking out on finding suitable replacement seats in the local pick ‘n pull, I opted for the Elwood Industries replacement seat covers. The black although not an exact match to my dark charcoal, is practically speaking, so close as to be virtually unnoticeable as a different color.

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Restore Faded Trim w/ Heatgun

Warm weather has arrived so today I pulled out my $9.99 heat gun (on sale at Harbor Freight) and went to work.

The side trim pieces are adjacent to metal on the door panels, so basic care is sufficient. The bumper trim, however, is adjacent to plastic so I used a thin metal bracket as a heat shield. In the photos below I am holding the heat shield along the bottom edge, then holding the heat shield to guard the top edge.