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1800ES Engine Mystery

Have you heard of the 1800ES Engine Mystery?

Yesterday while my 1800es was at idle there was a loud mettalic “ping” from under the hood, and the engine started clattering and running as if it had swallowed a valve. I removed the valve cover to look for the guilty part, but they were all in place. Afterward I could only get the engine restated by spraying a little ether into each cylinder. Here’s the dilemma  now, without any additional repair or adjustment from me it starts and run’s like its never had a bad day in it’s life. Any insight to this “Christine” like behavior would be greatly appreciated. 1800ES Engine Mystery

B20 engine self repair

Bonus! Volvo Facts

  • How far will your Volvo take you? American Irv Gordon drove three million miles over 47 years in his Volvo P1800. He’s the first person ever to clock up that mileage in the same-originally owned vehicle. Even more impressive is that he achieved this feat without replacing the engine.

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