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Outer Tie Rod Replacement Tutorial – 850, S70, V70, XC70

MVS Forums moderator Lee tells us how to replace outer tie rods on Volvo’s AWD/FWD cars. Tie Rod Replacement DIY:

  1. Loosen the jamb nut behind the outer tie rod end.
  2. Remove the nut that holds the bottom of the outer tie rod end to the steering knuckle.
  3. Remove the outer tie rod end from the steering knuckle. Volvo has a special press tool but you can leave the nut on the end of the tie rod end and give it a couple of whacks with a short 5 lb. sledge hammer. It will pop right out.
  4. Remove the outer tie rod end without letting the jamb nut move.
  5. Measure and record the distance from the end of the inner tie rod to the jamb nut. Remove the jamb nut.
  6. Release the bellows that covers the inner tie rod joint with the steering rack.
  7. Use a large pipe wrench (a pipe extender for the handle helps me) to remove the inner tie rod.
Volvo outer tie rod replace DIY
Tie rods – Meyle vs. OEM Volvo (TRW)

Replacement is the reverse of removal. There are torque specifications for the inner tie rod and the jamb nut but I just get them as tight as I can. When threading on the new outer tie rod end put the jamb nut at the same distance that you measured in step 5. The measurement will get you close enough to drive the car to the alignment shop.

Be sure to get the correct part, there is a break point at chassis number 549830 which is the last six digits of your VIN number.

Outer Tie Rod Replacement Tutorial – 850, S70, V70, XC70

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Replaced the outer tie rods on my 98 s70 last week. Not sure how to torque the nut to the hub assembly without causing the nut to become tight on the threads and cause the ball joint to twist as I continue to tighten. One side I tightened until the ball joint started to spin and now it seems to be freely floating in the knuckly. The other side I used two wrenches to tighten until the nut was flush against the hub assembly and not freely floating. Which is correct? I am noticing that my steering feels less responsive – kind of loose. Any insight would be great. Thanks.

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