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2001 Volvo V70 2.4T ignition coil replacement tutorial

ignition-coil-replacementV70 Ignition coil replacement with good photos. Can be used for other models.

It was very obvious that something was not right; the engine ran rough, the steering wheel was shaking and the CEL came on blinking. To me it felt like one of the cylinders was not firing and plugging in the code reader confirmed my suspicion…P0305 “Cylinder 5 Misfire Detected”. OUCH

My diagnosis after some thorough reading upon the problem was either a bad spark plug (unlikely) or a bad ignition coil. I crossed my fingers while calling around town and sure enough with lots of luck a local auto parts store here in Somerset, KY had one OE ignition coil in stock (why, I have no idea; even the store clerk was very surprised). In addition I purchased a single Champion 7071 double platinum spark plug for a total of $77. Tools required were two torx bits (sizes T25 for the screws on the turbo air delivery line and T30 for the cover screws), 10mm socket for the screw that holds the coil in place on the engine block, 5/8’ spark plug socket, a flat head screw driver to disconnect the electrical connection to the coil and some anti seize lubricant.

When I first realized that the engine was not running right I thought this can’t be good. But by doing some research upon the topic, especially reading this website it became very evident what the problem might be and that I could get this fixed doing the maintenance myself. Once again thanks much MVS in helping me keeping this vehicle running and as always the 2001 does not let me down in providing valuable information to others. The love/hate relationship continues.

This tutorial has excellent images for step by step referencing to the ignition coil replacement .

2001 V70 2.4T bad ignition coil replacement…


I read this tutorial. Got a Engine Check at a local parts store, bought the coil and replaced it. The work it self took 20 min. Now my v70 is working great again. Thanks for your time and effort in posting this with photos it was a great help.

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