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2004 XC70 — Replacing Brake Front Pads And Rotors

2004 XC70 -- Replacing Front Pads And Rotors

My ’04 Xc70 has 107k miles and the rotors are just below minimum so I’ll be replacing them with new pads in the next couple of weeks. I understand that there are 2 sizes of rotors on this model and then, of course, corresponding pads so I need to know which are on mine before ordering parts.

1) I have not found any good write-ups for this pretty straightforward brake job, can someone point me in the right direction if there are one or more helpful resources out there (I do not have VIDA)

2) I mostly need torque specs for everything, especially and most urgently for the wheel lug nuts as I will pull a wheel to measure my rotors before ordering parts.

3) Are there any surprises I should know about (seals or O-rings or anything I might thrash and would want to replace as a matter of routine while I’m doing the front brakes)?

abscate says:

“I use an electric impact wrench to remove, but the car jack handle to tighten the lug nuts/bolts. That way, when you get a flat on the highway, you have a shot at getting them off.

All data lists wheel lug nut torque at 80 FT lbs. if your wrench is 12 inches long, put 80 pounds of force on the end. This would be for dry nuts. With lube, you would use less torque.

For most people, putting a foot onto the factory wrench will over torque the lugs. It’s better to under rather than over torque. They have to be grossly under torqued ( 10 FT lbs or less?) to come loose.”

2004 XC70 — Replacing Front Pads And Rotors