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After an Accident: The Likely Order of Events

After an Accident ?

Auto Insurance – How Does It Work After Your Volvo Has Been in an Accident?

Do you get the Volvo back? Does it get a salvage title? Who owns it?

The order of events that occurs after an accident, as it relates to your Volvo, the car’s title, and the ownership status.

wrecked V70

wrecked V70

wrecked V70

Sadly, this Volvo blog post exists because longtime MVS Volvo forum member Vince’s beautiful 850 wagon was struck by another car a few days ago, which was just a couple weeks after it was featured on iPD’s site. Which follows another longtime forum member CN90’s V70 getting totalled. On that one the throttle was stuck open! Important thing is nobody was injured in either accident; the Volvos did their second-most important job.

After an Accident: What to Expect

EDIT: added Nov 14:
Another Good Insurance/Salvage Title topic

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Gerry, sorry to hear that. No injuries I hope?

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