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RIP 1994 850 Turbo Wagon

MVS Forums member hanzbe420 » My poor baby, RIP 1994 850 turbo wagon! Paid 1100 in 2010, got into an accident yesterday. A truck pulled out in front of me, and I t-boned him. It was his fault. The volvo served me very well. And protected me in the crash!

“Both airbags went off and everything worked as it should.”

I’m very sad it’s gone, but I’m hoping I can get a new Volvo. Well a new to me used Volvo lol. Anyways. I will always remember this car had so many memories!

Rip 1994 850 -
1994 850 Turbo wagon totalled

The Volvo 850 Turbo Was so Brilliantly Unlike Any Volvo Before It

Don’t underestimate the Volvo 850, the car that, in its characteristic Swedish reserved way, reinvented the automaker when it popped into American showrooms for 1993. The boxy 850 didn’t look like much of a departure, but Volvo’s investment in its new car was the most any Swedish brand had ever spent on itself.

Look beyond the boxy but elegant lines, with its softer corners than the harsh angles on the 900- and 700-series cars with which the 850 was to share showroom space. Forget the tractorlike, ultra-durable 240. For Volvo, the 850 would become its showpiece. It was a highly advanced car that allowed the automaker to flex its sophistication, its safety and especially its performance. Now, nearly 30 years after the 850 was unveiled in the summer of 1991 at a media event, the car that set the stage for the brand’s renaissance has the makings of a future classic.

Even Volvo knew it at the time. The automaker’s memorable print ads to launch the turbocharged version of the car in the U.S. showed an 850 cresting a hill with all four wheels off the ground and the tagline, “This is not your Uncle Olaf’s Volvo.” Uncle Olaf would have plugged along in a 114-horsepower 240 wagon, while the new Volvo owner had nearly twice the horsepower at their disposal.

RIP 1994 850 Turbo Wagon!

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