Water Pump Replacement

Installing a new water pump: 1. Start by ensuring that the engine block surface is clean and dry.  Use a Scotchbrite cleaning pad to remove the old gasket material from the block. 2. Put the gasket on the block and then install the two bolts together with the waterpump to hold the gasket in place.  […]

Battery Capacity

Does a battery with a too-large capacity for the vehicle cause damage? MVS Forum member tjai had the battery in an S60 replaced with an 800CCA three years ago and has been experiencing electrical issues ever since including power seat operation and a/c flow.  A mechanic explained that a battery with a larger capacity than […]

Removing Headliner

MVS Forum member Simon Templar asks how to remove the “roof module” and “bulb interior lighting” portions of the headliner without breaking it.  The full forum entry contains links to these portions in the service manual for a Volvo XC90. Volvo XC90 Headliner Removal

Engine Swap

Steps for Engine Swap: 1. Drain the coolant via the drain on the back of the engine towards the belt.  You do not need to drain the radiator fluid for the swap. 2. Disconnect the battery.  For maneuverability or cleaning purposes, you may need to remove the battery. 3. Completely remove the air cleaner housing […]

Opinions on Manual Boost Control

In response to a request for opinions on how to safely boost a V70, MVS user pkplok posted this link which is specifically about boosting Volkswagens but should work for Volvos as well. Additionally, user SweedSpeed posted the diagram below which shows how to allow the ECU/solenoid to regulate boost in lower gears while utilizing […]

Pros and Cons of manual conversion

After converting automatic to manual transmission, MVS user Japedo shares some first impressions: Pros: -Increased fuel economy -Drives faster from 0 to 120 km/hr -Lots of fun to drive! Cons -The shifter nearly hits the cups in the cup holders when in 2nd, 3rd, or reverse. -Harder to eat, drink, or text while driving (not […]

Automatic to Manual Transmission Swap

MVS Member darylrobert recently provided a description with photos of an automatic to manual transmission swap on his 1998 V70t.  In replacing the M56 gearbox, he removed the drive shafts along with the hub, opting not to use the manual drive shaft due to it not being in great condition.   His photos in the […]

Air Conditioner Evaporator replacement

This link provides a great How-To guide with photos and step-by-step instructions for replacing the air conditioner evaporator in Volvo 850 series vehicles.  The guide can also be used for V70 and S70 series as the layouts are similar with only a few minor differences.  Doing this replacement on your own can save you upwards […]

Installing new seats in a S70 855

MVR contributor t5rrr gives a highly detailed description with pictures of the procedure for replacing front driver or passenger seats in a 1994 S70 855.  The front seats needed to be replaced due to torn seams and a broken power recliner.  Used seats were obtained from a 1998 V70 in a junkyard.  Check out the […]