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Pros and Cons of manual conversion

What are the pros and cons of manual conversion? After converting automatic to manual transmission, MVS user Japedo shares some first impressions:


  • Increased fuel economy
  • Drives faster from 0 to 120 km/hr
  • Lots of fun to drive!


  • The shifter nearly hits the cups in the cup holders when in 2nd, 3rd, or reverse.
  • Harder to eat, drink, or text while driving (not that he does this)
  • No more cruise control
  • The wife has to learn how to drive stick now 🙂

Manual conversion first impressions

I am very happy with the manual transmission so far, car seems to pull alot harder. Only other mod is a manual boost controller. I am also pleased that it is getting better fuel millage.

The used transmission and associated parts I installed had 270kms on it “168miles” however the clutch wasn’t originall and still looked fine so I installed it….

I’ll update this thread if I have any issues or find any new pros or cons of the manual conversion.


Manual Conversion First Impressions!

I think manual is really the way to go – it really puts YOU in control of the car, rather than it doing what it thinks is right – it’s saddening that cars are getting harder and harder to find in them. Having an auto is nice in traffic, though, I will admit. If my transmission dies on me, I’ll do a manual swap to mine too.

My dad converted a BMW 2002 from auto to manual about…jeez, 18 years ago now. It works great, it came straight out of the other car they already owned – the only problem is reverse smashes into the radio knob, so it’s been through quite a few of those

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